August 23, 2010

tina's ex

My cousins came to visit us last weekend. They came in the afternoon and helped mom cook for iftar.

I have this really cute niece. She's so cute, one day she's gonna grow up and be like me, well, the female version.

She was hungry and wanted a big mac for lunch. So I took her to McD since everyone was busy, drive thru sajork.

"Uncle James (I donno why but she calls me uncle James. When I asked why, she said that I look like James Bond. True Story), uncle kenal tak ex Tina?"

ex tina? Tina's ex? Damn, do i even have a friend who goes by that name?

"I've no idea melissa. Who in the world is that? is Tina your friend?"

"No no no. she's a singer"

She? Tina's ex is a she? is she a lesbian?

"She sang the song genie in the bottle. I like that song. Do you have her cd? pasangla pleaseeeeee"

Christina Aguilera! Kejadah Xtina.

Sejak bila X tu berbunyi Chris?

Xtina = Christina.

ok stress.

I nak pergi minum Xanthemum tea.

Oh puasa.

Ok stress balik.

August 11, 2010

Alasan confirm berkesan 101.

1 of the alasan's yang walaupun doesnt make any sense, tetapi tiada orang akan question adalah:

"I'm pregnant"


Imagine. You can get away with anything, hanya dengan menggunakan alasan ini, walaupun anda tak pregnant pun sebenarnya.

Alasan ini paling mujarab di dalam situasi macam ni:

"Hey you've gained weight, cow makan apa? (eh typo, kau*)"

"I'm Pregnant"

so why go on a diet, girls?


Girls have it easy. They can get away with anything.

August 9, 2010

Flirting 101.

Pick up line percuma hari ini.

"Excuse me miss, the weather's kinda chilly today. I feel so cold and I need something Hot to hug right now. So can I please hug you?"

Cubalah dan tell me kalau anda berjaya.