August 23, 2010

tina's ex

My cousins came to visit us last weekend. They came in the afternoon and helped mom cook for iftar.

I have this really cute niece. She's so cute, one day she's gonna grow up and be like me, well, the female version.

She was hungry and wanted a big mac for lunch. So I took her to McD since everyone was busy, drive thru sajork.

"Uncle James (I donno why but she calls me uncle James. When I asked why, she said that I look like James Bond. True Story), uncle kenal tak ex Tina?"

ex tina? Tina's ex? Damn, do i even have a friend who goes by that name?

"I've no idea melissa. Who in the world is that? is Tina your friend?"

"No no no. she's a singer"

She? Tina's ex is a she? is she a lesbian?

"She sang the song genie in the bottle. I like that song. Do you have her cd? pasangla pleaseeeeee"

Christina Aguilera! Kejadah Xtina.

Sejak bila X tu berbunyi Chris?

Xtina = Christina.

ok stress.

I nak pergi minum Xanthemum tea.

Oh puasa.

Ok stress balik.


greenfantasy said...

what a genius lil girl...
sumpah lawak...

Anonymous said...

lawak sgt ni! haha!

Anonymous said... good u can communicate well with kids
.kalau aku memg tak fhm ujung pgkal dah..

suhada said...

hahaahah sungguh la!

Bart Baharudin said...

hahaha, sumpa tak boleh bla. media mmg spoil kn budak2 siot.

nuruliznie said...

omg. comel gile! hehe sumpah kelakar gelak tak stop nih :D