September 20, 2009

bicara bersama bapa #3: Womanizing.

"You keep telling me not to do that, not to do this. Kenapa? You've done all that ke?"

"I was once young like you, s'a matter of fact, I'm still young like you. So I've done all that, and I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did. Benda yang bapak larang tu semua sebab bapak dah buat dan I don't want you to buat benda benda tak elok yang bapak pernah buat."

"Sigh, fine."

15 minutes later.

"Pa, I'm going out and taking your car."

"Alright, no womanizing in the car."

Sunyi seketika, ada pause yg awkward.


"Shut up"

God Damn.

Goodnight Malaysia

September 18, 2009

PMS : Period Mood Swings.

Kawan kawan female I kerap complain tentang senggugut yang mereka hadapi once a month. A friend said :

"Guys are lucky they dont have to deal with PMS"

Well, I agree partially. But I think girls are the lucky ones.

They don't have to deal with PMS-sy girlfriends.

Girls can not go to class and tell their lecturers,

"senggugut la cik".

There is no way we could skip class and tell our lecturers,

"Girlfriend saya PMS la cik".

No way. No way.

So look at the bright side, girls.

Goodnight Malaysia!

Chivalry is dead, and women killed it.

Guys desire girls, and girls desire materials.

Men have nice cars, not because they like nice cars, but because they know women like nice cars. That's how it goes. Cause men are hunters, and the car is the bait. and that's how it is. You go to a woman's house, her house will be comfortable and shyte, cause women love comfortable surroundings. If a man could take a girl home to a card board box, he wouldn't buy a house.

Women get too much advice about men from other women, and they have no idea what the heck they're talking about. It's true. Go to a bookstore, check out the magazines section, and you'll see on them covers, "a hundred way to please your men, by some lady".Oh come on, there ain't no 100 ways, there is only 1 way to please ur men:

just don't talk so much

and they couldn't be happier.

That's not all, the magazines trick the woman. The magazines start messing with their self esteem, every page they turn, they start feeling fatter, and uglier and they feel their clothes aren't good enough.

The magazines make them forget how fricking beautiful they are.

Then they'd go walking around wearing clothes that show every part of their body. And when rempits start phewwitting, they'd go

"Hey wait a minute, just because I'm dressed this way, does not make me cheap".

Which is true but that's just fricking confusing.

That'd be like, an ordinary guy walking around the streets, in a cop uniform. Then somebody runs up to him.

"Officer, help us, help us"

Then he'd say,

"Oh, just because I'm dressed this way, does not make me a police officer"

- Dave Chapelle. Genius.

Goodnight Malaysia.

September 7, 2009

Fakta Benar.

"Futsal je keje you! haiyaaa. pi kawin la ngan futsal tu"

"Well. At least futsal tak pms? :p"

Sapa setuju?!