October 8, 2010

Accent in BM is essen, minyak wangi.

I was in KLCC for an ICT conference.

There were many foreign delegates who were there for the conference.
There were only two meeting rooms, all of of us had to wait.

I was waiting when this guy came to me and started a conversation.

"So where are you from?"

"Im from Bungalow"

"Oh, ok. Im from Apartment," I replied, hoping he'd at least smile.

He smiled and faked a laugh.

"hehe. but really, where are you from?"


"fine, where's your bungalow?"


The I looked as his tag. It says.

Daksha Maadhav,
Bangalore, India.

Well that made my day.


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SarahSevier said...


omg, whenever im lonely and sad. ill check out your blog. thanks for making my day instead! ;DDDDDD

im miss anonymous..ihihihi