September 18, 2009

PMS : Period Mood Swings.

Kawan kawan female I kerap complain tentang senggugut yang mereka hadapi once a month. A friend said :

"Guys are lucky they dont have to deal with PMS"

Well, I agree partially. But I think girls are the lucky ones.

They don't have to deal with PMS-sy girlfriends.

Girls can not go to class and tell their lecturers,

"senggugut la cik".

There is no way we could skip class and tell our lecturers,

"Girlfriend saya PMS la cik".

No way. No way.

So look at the bright side, girls.

Goodnight Malaysia!


Bart Baharudin said...

HAHAHA. super agree with you!

Anonymous said...

sokong sgt!!

Mo. said...

huuhuhuh. wanita smua tak der comment. :p diam tanda setuju (nenek I, 2009).