September 20, 2009

bicara bersama bapa #3: Womanizing.

"You keep telling me not to do that, not to do this. Kenapa? You've done all that ke?"

"I was once young like you, s'a matter of fact, I'm still young like you. So I've done all that, and I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did. Benda yang bapak larang tu semua sebab bapak dah buat dan I don't want you to buat benda benda tak elok yang bapak pernah buat."

"Sigh, fine."

15 minutes later.

"Pa, I'm going out and taking your car."

"Alright, no womanizing in the car."

Sunyi seketika, ada pause yg awkward.


"Shut up"

God Damn.

Goodnight Malaysia