March 11, 2011

how does it feel?

"How does it feel pa, knowing that your son's going to penang, and you don't have to give him any money, now that he's working?"

"It feels great. I feel young, and single again"

"That doesn't make any sense"

"whatever, oh bang. I'm in a hurry, I dont have any cash, can i have 60 bucks?"


"tak nak bagi? its ok. Dulu pun bukan bapak yang bayar for your education. I didn't pay for your lunch. I didn't buy this house for my kids. The food i buy everyday is only for me. It's ok"

"I only have 50"

"good enough"

Karma is indeed, a bitch.
but i don't mind. :)

Pisang emas di bawa belayar,
2 3 pisang tanduk mana nak sama,
Hutang emas boleh di bayar,
Hutang budi, hutang selamanya.

My prayers are with you, my japanese friends.

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Anonymous said...

ahahahah bodoh betul!