March 7, 2011


"pa, Im going to subway. Want anything?" I texted him.


K? he wants kokaine?

and wtf is HB?

whenever it's someone's birthday, U'd see a lot of "HBs" on his/her wall.

HB? Heartbreak?

Hati Busuk?
Halkum Besar?
Homoseksual Bernafsu?
Hotel Berjaya?
Hani Bermadu?
Haram Berbotox?
Haji Bakhil?

what the hell is HB?


P3 Nebby-Lax said...

HB? do u really have no clue or are you just being sarcastic? :P

Anonymous said...

HB for hepi besday.

I am Mo. said...

the latter, nebby. :D

P3 Nebby-Lax said...

ah, figures. :D

C said...

halkum besar,i guess